FRIDAY, SEPT. 15TH 2017 | 7PM: CTFF’S KICK OFF PARTY, SOPHY’S RESTAURANT 3240 E Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90804
Saturday, September 16th | 2017 @ Art Theatre 2025 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

CTFF 2017 Opening Ceremony - 30 min

[Narrative Feature]

Director: Angelina Jolie
Screenplay: Angelina Jolie, Loung Ung
Producers: Angelina Jolie, Michael Vieira, Rithy Panh, Ted Sarandos

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First They Killed My Father is the adaptation of Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung’s gripping memoir of surviving the deadly Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1978. The story is told through her eyes, from the age of five, when the Khmer Rouge came to power, to nine years old. The film depicts the indomitable spirit and devotion of Loung and her family as they struggle to stay together during the Khmer Rouge years.
Writer Loung Ung will be available for Q & A after the screening.

[Narrative Feature]

Director:Davy Chou

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Diamond Island is a symbol of Cambodia's future, a sprawling, ultra-modern paradise for the rich on the river in Phnom Penh. Like many other country boys, Bora, 18, is lured from his village to work on the construction of this property developers' dream. There, he forges new friendships and is even reunited with his charismatic older brother Solei, who disappeared five years ago. Solei introduces Bora to the exciting world of Cambodia's privileged urban youth, with its girls, its nightlife, and its illusions.

[Narrative Feature]

Director: Douglas Seok

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Kanitha, a young, free-spirited Cambodian woman in her 20s, lives in modern-day Phnom Penh. Working multiple jobs and choosing to live how she pleases, Kanitha seems ambivalent to her father’s deteriorating health. Turn Left Turn Right is structured as an album, with tracks and sounds influencing the form. The film weaves Cambodian rock songs together with motifs of family, nature, and boundless imagination.

FLOAT (24min)
[Short Film]

Director: Tristan Seniuk, Voleak Sip

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Float is a short film set in Seattle in the mid-1990s, following the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Cambodian-American hustler, Rocky Mang.
Q & A with directors Tristan Seniuk and Voleak Sip after the screening.

THE FINAL SHOW (9min 20sec)
[Short Film]

Director: Dana Nachman

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We meet Betty Schwartz in the last two minutes of her life. She’s working on her breakfast while her full-time caregiver scurries around the kitchen. Betty goes unconscious and immediately gets transported to “The Between.”

LOVE 2 THE POWER OF 4 (112 min)
[Narrative Feature]

Director: Sothea Ines & Deependra Gauchan

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Love to the Power of 4 is a film about love and its manifestations. Finding love is just the beginning. Keeping love is the real challenge.

[Live Stand Up Show]

Featuring: “K” Chheng, Paul Lao, Cooper Lee, Chris Sanders, Narin Vann and Davine Ker
It’s on like the Mekong! Cambodia Town Film Festival proudly presents the “The Khmers of Comedy.” The first ever all Cambodian-American stand-up comedy show live in Long Beach, CA! Clear your calendars, and close the donut shops, because comics from all across the country will converge in the LBC to keep you cracking up all night.
Sunday, September 17th | 2017 @ Art Theatre 2025 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

[Documentary ]

Director: Chris Kelly

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A Cambodian Spring is an intimate and unique portrait of three people caught up in the chaotic, and often violent, development that is shaping modern-day Cambodia. Shot over six years, the film charts the growing wave of land-rights protests that led to the “Cambodian Spring” and the tragic events that followed. This film is about the complexities – both political and personal – of fighting for what you believe in.
Q & A with director Chris Kelly after screening.

[Documentary Feature] (Work in progress)

Director: Mark J. Bochsler

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From the ancient carvings on the temples of Angkor to the international stage. What started as one man’s ambitious dream to revive one of the world’s oldest sports becomes genocide survivor San Kim Sean's mission to heal a nation.
Filmmakers will be available for Q & A after the screening.

MONEY (12 min 24 sec)
[Short Film]

Director: Heng "Will" Lim

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In the year of 2018, Phnom Penh city reaches the end line where the whole country need to decide on a new path.

[Narrative Feature]

Director: Jimmy Henderson

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An isolated village affected by a curse is facing misery, and has been communed to a fate set forth by their uncompromising chief who has ruled the village for years and has denied the request of his people to migrate to other lands in search of better luck.

UNTIL THEY'RE GONE (86 min)[Documentary Feature]

Director: Christopher Lockett

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Until They're Gone is a documentary about landmines, the people who remove them, and hope. Specifically, it's about Bill and Jill Morse of the Landmine Relief Fund that raises funds for Aki Ra. Forced to plant landmines as a Khmer Rouge child soldier, Aki Ra began demining with just a stick and a pair of pliers in 1994.
Filmmakers will be available for Q & A after the screening.

ANGKOR AWAKENS: A Portrait of Cambodia (90 min)
[Documentary Feature]

Director: Robert H. Lieberman

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Angkor Awakens: A Portrait of Cambodia is an eye-opening snapshot of a nation poised at a political and cultural tipping point. Viewing the present through the lens of the country’s tangled history, the film follows the people of Cambodia as they fight to recover their culture and history in the wake of the Khmer Rouge genocide (1975-1979).
100% of proceed from this screening will be donated to Khmer Arts Academy & Khmer Alumni Association.