Friday, September 2nd | 2016 @ Sophy's Restaurant 3240 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA
Saturday, September 3rd | 2016 @ Art Theatre 2025 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

Tour Guides (5 min) [Narrative]

Director: David Brundige
Producer: Sreylin Meas
Three boys who live in a floating village on Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia, hustle tourists at an ancient temple.
Followed by a Q/A with Directors David Brundige

Camp 32 (65min) [Documentary]

Directors: Andrew Blogg, Tim Purdie
Cast: Hom Chhorn
Hom Chhorn has a young family and a comfortable life in suburban Melbourne, Australia, yet remains wracked by childhood memories of the atrocities he witnessed as a boy.
Followed by a Q/A with Directors David Brundige

Last of the Elephant Men (90min) [Documentary]

Directors: Arnaud Bouquet, Daniel Ferguson, George Jefferies
Producers: Nathalie Barton, Laurent Mini, Ian Oliveri, Ian Quenneville, Karim Samai
Last of the Elephant Men follows the lives of several members of the Bunong indigenous people as they attempt to save the animal that once defined their way of life and may hold the key to their own survival.

Nate from Lowell, MA (7 min) [Documentary]

Director: LinDa Saphan
Popular music has yet to be recognized as a part of Cambodia's cultural heritage. This short documentary film is about Nate, who is at the heart of preservation.

The Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock 'N' Roll (75min) [Documentary]

Director: Marc Eberle
Producer: Richard Kuipers
Cast: Srey Channthy, Julien Poulson
In a Phnom Penh karaoke bar in 2009 Australian musician Julien Poulson hears the extraordinary voice of poor village girl Srey Thy. The result is tempestuous cross-cultural romance and the birth of the Cambodian Space Project, a thrilling musical explosion that wows audiences worldwide with sounds from the 1960s and ‘70s golden age of Cambodian rock.

Before the Fall (108min) [Narrative]

Director: Ian White
Producers: Ian White, Oknha Kith Theing, Justin Deimen, J.D. Chua, Gin Kai Chan
Cast: Ian Virgo, Antonis Greco, Nicolas Berthery, Pauline Cammal
A stunning nightclub singer engages in a battle of wits and deception with two lovers in a bid to escape a rapidly collapsing city under siege.
Sunday, September 4th | 2016 @ Art Theatre 2025 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

The Following Screenings are FREE!

The End/The Beginning (47min) [Documentary]

Writer/Narrator: Sophal Ear
Director: Angeline Swee
Producer: Felicia Koh
Sophal Ear shares the compelling story of his family's escape from Cambodia under the rule of the Khmer Rouge.

Soul of the TaTai River (28min) [Documentary]

Director: Morn Vanntey
Producer: Jim Lee, Nancy Lee
Explores the lives of the traditional people who have lived on the river for thousands of years.

Three Wheels (21min) [Narrative]

Director: Kavich Neang
Cast: Pho Phanna, Chea Kimhut, Ly Danam
During a lonely night, tuk tuk driver Nath meets a woman who reminds him of his past. When he returns home, he confesses to his wife that he wants to move.

The Gate (95 Min) [Narrative]

Director: Régis Wargnier
Writers: Antoine Audouard
Stars:  Raphaël Personnaz, Phoeung Kompheak, Olivier Gourmet
François Bizot, a French ethnologist, is captured by the Khmer Rouge. Held in a camp deep in the jungle, Bizot is accused of being a CIA spy. His only chance of survival is to convince Douch, the young camp leader, of his innocence.

All proceeds from this section go to Khmer Arts Academy!

The King’s Last Song (29min) [Documentary]

Director: John Pirozzi
An intimate look at King Norodom Sihanouk’s greatest love – Cambodia’s art and culture.

Khmer Arts Academy (40min) “Live” Performance

A live performance that showcases the richness of Cambodia’s classical art dance.

I Am Chut Wutty (57 Min) [Documentary]

Director: Fran Lambrick, Vanessa de Smet
Writers:  Fran Lambrick
In one of the last remaining wildernesses in South East Asia, Cambodian community activists are struggling to defend their forest home. Their leader, Chut Wutty, defies threats and intimidation to investigate the corrupt logging syndicates. At an illegal, military controlled site in the Cardamom Mountains, Wutty is stopped and shot dead. 
Q&A with Filmmaker after Film (TBD)

Cambodia Town Film Festival Closing Ceremony Including special performances and award show