‘The Last Reel’ (‘Dom Fill Chong Krauey’): Singapore Review

by Clarence Tsui original source: The Hollywood Reporter Sotho Kulikar addresses Cambodia’s cinematic peaks and historical troughs through a family drama about a young woman’s rite of passage through filmmaking With The Last Reel, Cambodian cinema’s resurgence as a filmmaking force continues apace with, again, some help from beyond Southeast Asia – or, specifically, Australia,[…]

HYPHEN MAGAZINE Cambodian Film Version 1.5 Generation of Filmmakers

In the new issue hyphenmagazine.com talks about Cambodian Film Version 1.5 (the 1.5 generation of Filmmakers) “Until recently, the narrative paradigm for most Cambodian stories in film begins in blissful, pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia and concludes with the flight of refugees to another country. However, a new crop of Cambodian films have begun moving beyond a[…]