CTFF 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION: The Killing Fields (1984)

CTFF The Killing Fields

Cambodia Town Film Festival 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION: The Killing Fields (1984)

*We are aware that most of you have already seen or own this film.

But, this year, 2015 is a particularly important year for Long Beach, Cambodia Town, and our festival. To clarify, the year marks the 40th anniversary of the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh; this signaled the start of what many know as the Killing Fields era. This genocidal history served as the basis for Roland Joffe’s award-winning film, The Killing Fields (1984); Dr. Haing S. Ngor, who portrayed Cambodian journalist Dith Pran, was awarded the “Best Supporting Actor” Academy Award thirty years ago, in 1985. And till this day he remain the only Asian actor to ever win an Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Come and experience this film with us on the BIG SCREEN.

The Killing Fields
R 1984 ‧ Drama film/History ‧ 2h 22m

New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg (Sam Waterston) is on assignment covering the Cambodian Civil War, with the help of local interpreter Dith Pran (Haing S. Ngor) and American photojournalist Al Rockoff (John Malkovich). When the U.S. Army pulls out amid escalating violence, Schanberg makes exit arrangements for Pran and his family. Pran, however, tells Schanberg he intends to stay in Cambodia to help cover the unfolding story — a decision he may regret as the Khmer Rouge rebels move in.

Directed by Roland Joffé
Produced by David Puttnam
Iain Smith
Screenplay by Bruce Robinson
Based on The Death and Life of Dith Pran
by Sydney Schanberg
Music by Mike Oldfield
Cinematography Chris Menges
Edited by Jim Clark
International Film Investors
Enigma Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. (US)
Columbia-EMI-Warner (UK)
Release dates
  • 2 November 1984
Running time
141 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English


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