CTFF 2016 Official Selection: LAST OF THE ELEPHANT MEN



For centuries the Bunong indigenous people on the Cambodian-Vietnamese border lived with elephants, believing they shared the same destiny. Today, as the forests and rivers both man and animal depend on are threatened, their fates seem even more inseparable. Last of the Elephant Men follows over a period of time several members of the tribe as they attempt to save the animal that once defined their way of life and may hold the key to their own survival.


PLEASE NOTE: Film screened in Khmer with English subtitles
Official Website: www.informactionfilms.com/en/productions/last-of-the-elephant-men.php

Making its Long Beach, CA. PREMIERE!
* (1) Screening. Saturday, Sept 3rd. @ 4PM.
Purchase Ticket online: ctff2016.whindo.com

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